5 Good Reasons

BabyCoccola® will help you wash your babies comfortably in the sink, holding up their weightwelcoming them comfortably in the same position they had when they were cradled in your womb during pregnancy. It will be natural for them to open the legs and let you clean their private parts and rear side comfortably.
BabyCoccola® will ease your sore back helping you, or anyone who is bathing the baby, to avoid a common mistake: wash them in a hurry and leave soap or baby wipes residues in their private parts.
Here is the real value of BabyCoccola® explained in 5 points:

1- Urinary tract infections
Urinary tract infections are very frequent in children between 6 and 18 months of age. This problem is mainly caused by soap or baby wipes residues in the private parts.
Letting the water flow over the genitals decreases this risk drastically. BabyCoccola® allows to wash children calmly, without effort, and without putting them in strange positions….. Until now, holding a child under running water was not so simple. Now it’s different. We have no more excuses.

2- Dislocations and falls
If we think of babies, among the domestic accidents they incur there are the dislocation of the joints and the injuries from accidental impact. BabyCoccola® prevents this type of risks, and makes the bath time more peaceful and safer for both mother and child.

3- Mom’s back
You carried an extra weight of ten kilogram nine months. In most cases, you gave birth painfully and with difficulty. Your spine adapted to the change and will take you almost a year to resume the anatomy you had before. Normally, you carry your baby’s weight between 30 and 50 times a day; in addition, when you carry this weight in your arms, your back looks like this…

Bending over the sink or even worse over the bidet, with 10 pounds hanging on your forearm, will not improve your back pain. BabyCoccola® gives you a helping hand.

4- What if I’m not there?
Undoubtedly, you put all the attention and care of this world when you wash your children, but you cannot always be the one to do it. Many times, it is grandmothers or nurses who wash children, or at worst dad…:-)
babycoccola evita il  mal di schiena mamma
By giving them a valuable aid, you relieve them from a big responsibility and help them wash your baby better and with less effort.
It is easy to understand how better it is, not having to carry the weight of your children and use both hands to control and wash them…

5- What if we are out?
Many times, when we are away from home we only use wipes to clean our babies, and wait until we get home to wash them. This is because the sinks of roadside restaurants or public toilets are not exactly the cleanest…
Babycoccola® is lightweight, occupies a negligible space in the car, and is adaptable to practically any type of sink. Now you have an alternative.