How it Works

1.Posizione lavino lavandino 1

Insert BabyCoccola® into the sink with the two protrusions in the direction of the tap and back-facing you.  The running water should reach the sink without touching BabyCoccola®, passing between the two lower projections.

TIP: If the running water touches BabyCoccola® or your child, place BabyCoccola® closer to you; in other words, do not fix the suction cups to the bottom of the sink, but to the descending part… do not worry about the tightness of the suction cups. They are specially designed and you’ll have no stability problems.





Adjust the temperature of the water coming out of the tap, ensuring it is between 35 °C and 37 °C.






Press the lower part of the back down with your hands, until the suction cups adhere firmly to the sink.





Gently lay your child on BabyCoccola® in the supine position (tummy facing the ceiling and back in contact with BabyCoccola®). The baby’s bottom should extend slightly beyond the lower middle, and legs should stay apart, so that both front and rear private parts are accessible.

TIP: If babies do not completely spread the legs apart, do not worry and do not force them. You can still wash them comfortably even if they rests their feet on the plastic protrusions. New born babies will take the shape of BabyCoccola® as if it were their mother’s womb and will assume the foetal position, with their legs crouched and resting comfortably.




Lavare bebè nel lavandino


Stand in front of the sink and wash the baby.

TIP: If the child’s head protrudes over the back, don’t worry and lay it on your belly. Your child will feel even more comfortable and the contact with your body will make her will feel even more pampered!