How we got the idea


As always, the best ideas come from a NECESSITY. When you go back home from work and find your wife or mother-in-law washing your child, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how complicated and arduous it is to wash a child of nearly 10 Kg without hurting him, or without hurting YOURSELF.

Therefore, I wondered how i could help.

I did lot of research, online and offline, for something that supported my two children as they were washed in the sink…. but I found nothing. So far, the only possible way to clean up babies was bathing them in a basin… As if we have time to bathe our babies every time they poop.

I used my knowledge of design and mathematisation to create something that did the job.

Three years of simulation and prototyping made BabyCoccola® safe for a conscious use, adaptable to virtually all types of sink, and beautiful… like our country.

The result is a revolutionary product. Much more practical than any traditional method. You can trust me, since I tried it.

BabyCoccola® is the result of a long process of creativity and design. All made in Italy.

Now washing your baby is as simple as washing your hands.

You and your child deserve a simpler life.

Andrea Mattei