Safety, Hygiene, Convenience


The lavino® BabyCoccola® allows to easily wash the baby in the sink, making this operation safer, both for the mother and for the baby. No more dangerous positions for the joints of the child or for the back of the mother. Not having to support all the weight in one arm will allow you to rinse your baby’s private parts better, eliminating the cause of urinary tract infections: residues of soap or dirty wipes.

It took us three years of research and development, involving the best experts in product safety for children. We chose safe and certified materials, all from the European Community. BabyCoccola® is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, so we can have full control of the process: from the supply of materials, to the processing environment, to the quality control on the finished product, the entire chain is certified ISO9001 and ISO 14000.

Suitable between 6 months and 3 years of age.



We start from the principle that it is not possible, nor healthy, to bathe a baby every time a diaper gets dirty, and that running water is the most convenient and hygienic way to wash the private parts of an infant.

The shape of BabyCoccola® is designed to accommodate children in a familiar, comfortable and natural, position, inviting them to open the legs, so as to make access to private parts, both front and rear, easy.

In addition, since running water can be used, the hands and face can also be washed, if needed…



When you have no time to bathe your babies, but you can only wash them up quickly, BabyCoccola® allows you to wash their bottom, hands and face, without undressing them… all conveniently in the sink. There is no more need to assume strange positions, or lose half an hour to prepare basins and changing tables.

BabyCoccola® can be hung anywhere, thanks to the supplied rear hook. From the towel holder, to the door handle, and the sink itself, it does not take up space, and is always at hand, ready to be used.

Washing your baby is now convenient and fast, like washing your hands.